Looking for a home to rent in Atlanta? Here you will find rental properties in all of Atlanta Metro Cities . If you need additional information about a particular rental home in Atlanta, please send an email to www.listwithlisanow@yahoo.com to get directions, security deposit information and to schedule a time to view the property.

On this site you will have access to every home that's available for rent in the Atlanta Georgia area and its' surrounding cities. I encourage you to view information on this site and follow the step by step process that will make finding your rental home an enjoyable experience.

How to Rent a Home In
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Step 1 - Know what your credit looks like before you speak to a landlord. Click below to review your credit report now. All landlords will want to see your credit report. By looking at your credit report first, if there are lates payments and low credit scores you can submit a letter to the landlord explaining your situation. By doing this you are assured of having success when attempting to lease a rental property, even if you have had some credit issues in the past.

Step 2 - Did you know that there are a large number of tenants that are evicted from homes everyday. These tenants are often times not aware that the landlord has not been making timely payments on the property, which caused the property to be foreclosed on. Typically very little notice is given to the tenant when the foreclosure occurs. Once the bank notifies the tenant, the tenant must move out of the property within 15-30 days. READ THIS ARTICLE BEFORE YOU RENT OR LEASE a Property in Atlanta, GA Request This FREE Report!

Step 3 - It's time to identify homes in your price range. Buyer beware when signing a rental or lease agreement. If you are not familiar with the rental contract, call 678.480.5054 for FREE assistance before you sign on the dotted line.
Click here to check the two major pre-foreclosure lists in Georgia. Make sure the home you are thinking about renting or leasing is not on the list.

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Renting a Home? There are Ten Things You Must Ask The Lanlord Before Signing the Lease Agreement!   
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